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Goodfellas Ent./Def Jam Recording Artists Jake&Papa (of Brutha) Officially Release Mixtape “Somethin’ Soulful”


Goodfellas Ent./Def Jam recording artist duo Jake&Papa formerly of R&B group Brutha, known from the hit TV show “Brothers to Brutha” now officially release their mixtape “Somethin’ Soulful”. The mixtape is available for free download on

Jake&Papa: “Somethin’ Soulful is our way of giving you that good ol’ fashion R&B/Soul feeling in 2012 form. Listen while we share with u all aspects of Love; making it, living in it, losing it.. This is Somethin’ u can ride to, vibe to, love to and cry to…” 



1. Intro (My Soul) (Prod. C.A.T.S.)
2. My Baby (Prod. The Futuristiks)
3. Sex Education (Prod. Sho)
4. Somethin’ Soulful ft. Dubb (Prod. Mak)
5. Gets No Better (Sisi’s interlude) (Mix. Eric E-Train Davis)
6. Kiss Em Off ft. Dubb (Prod. The Hearoes)
7. Rain (Prod. The Hearoes)
8. Trill Love (Prod. League of Starz)
9. Nasty (Prod. Sho)
10. Bad Decisions (Prod. Sho)
11. B.A.P.S. (Prod. Madd Scientist)
12. In Love With Makin Love (Prod. Augie Ray)
13. Summer Beneath The Trees (Ashley’s Interlude) (Mix. Eric E-Train Davis)
14. Pretty Black Bird (Prod. Hereos)
15. Freedom (Prod. The Hereos)
16. Ashes / Outro (Donny Hathaway Musicology)


Biography Jake&Papa
Goodfellas Ent./Def Jam recording artist duo Jake&Papa are not at all new to the music game. Cheyenne “Papa” Harrell and Jacob “Jake” Harrell are the two youngest brothers of former R&B group Brutha, known from the hit TV show “Brothers to Brutha”. As now a duo, Jake&Papa’s grind in their musical pursuit of worldwide success is harder than ever. The soulful brothers have worked with artists such as R. Kelly, Ne-Yo and Fabolous. They sang to Angie Martinez on her Hot97 radio show, performed at BET’s 106 & Park and the ASCAP’s Rhythm & Soul Awards. The brothers even got the chance to sing for Stevie Wonder and the late Michael Jackson. Jake&Papa’s latest mixtape “Somethin’ Soulful”, released in the spring of 2012, portrays the feeling of what soul really is.

Somethin’ Soulful
Jake&Papa’s latest mixtape “Somethin’ Soulful” stems from the feeling that their generation is being robbed of good old-fashioned R&B/Soul. What Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Jodeci and R. Kelly brought to music, is what Jake&Papa represent with “Somethin’ Soulful”. The duo wrote all the songs themselves and worked with a close-knit production team. “Somethin’ Soulful” is the follow up of their well-received first mixtape “Destination Short Stay II” which was released in May of 2011.

A home of soul
The Los Angeles bred R&B/Soul brothers entered their first talent show performing “Jump” by Kriss Kross at the tender ages of 4 and 5. Jake and Papa continued to hone their talents through adolescence, tuning their voices into true instruments. The brothers grew up on soul music in a home threaded with the love of music and a mother who encouraged their dreams. With their real, soulful and sexy sound, Jake&Papa are putting the soul back into today’s R&B/Soul.

Smooth and raspy
The singers balance each other out very well both musically and on stage. Jake is naturally laid back, brings smooth singing along with calm coolness on stage but yet lets it all bare. Papa is basically the opposite. His voice is more raspy and deep. Even though he can be laid back, Papa is more of the in your face, wild, smack it, flip it, pull a track out type.

Soul to love forever
Jake and Papa are equally passionate in sharing their soul through song. When listening to their emotive quality voices and sexy sultry lyrics, you will soon find how the brothers reach out and wrap an invisible hand around your heart and gently squeeze it. If one thing is for sure, it is that this soulful duo is here to stay, creating that good old music non-stop, for you to love forever. Keep your eyes on Jake&Papa, because they truly are a legacy in the making!

Note for editors
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