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J. Holiday drops his new album this spring

J. Holiday on the set of "Lust" video
Soon we will be able to enjoy new music from Mr. Rhythm & Blues himself, J. Holiday. He announced on Twitter that we can expect his new album this spring. Within the next few weeks he will drop the first single. It has been two years since J. Holiday came out with his second album, ‘Round 2’. Capitol Records (EMI) did not push this album as much as his first album ‘Back Of My Lac’. The singer decided to change label. By signing to Def Jam (Universal Music) J. is making a new start.

Of course everyone knows the song ‘Bed’, but not everyone knows the person behind this hit record that topped the Billboard R&B/HipHop Singles chart for weeks and reached the number 5 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. When you see J. Holiday perform live once, you will never forget him. During Black Music Special late last year in The Sand Amsterdam J. Holiday really managed to attract my attention. In case you missed it, read my review of that night with performances by Pleasure P, Marques Houston and of course J. Holiday here.

J. Holiday on the set of "Lust" video

J. Holiday’s performance was intense and heartfelt. He really makes you feel what he is singing. And in addition, he sings as pure as it gets. Enough reason for me to find out what this man is all about. In interviews he comes across as a nice, humble and a laid back kinda guy with a great sense of humor. He is confident and not afraid to show his vulnerability. He talks candidly about losing his father when he was only 11 years old and what impact that had on him as a young boy growing up. He also proudly talks about his little daughter.

In 2008, J. Holiday was nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best Contemporary R&B album’ for his debut album ‘Back Of My Lac ‘(2007). It is an incredibly good, well-rounded album with great tracks such as ‘Back of My Lac’, ‘Ghetto’ and ‘Be With Me’. From his second album, ‘Round 2’, I always have ‘It’s Yours’, ‘Lights Go Out’ and ‘Sing 2 u’ on repeat.

J. Holiday on the set of Lust video

The latest new music by J. Holiday is a featuring on a track of Virginian emcee Black Cobain. The song is called ‘Lust’ and has a real nice flow and catchy hook sang by J. Holiday. It is produced by Mark Henry Beats. Want to hear it? Check it here.

J. Holiday is an authentic, true to himself artist who does not follow the hype of the moment. Above all, he makes music that brings the 90s R&B feel back that I know many of us miss. It is to be hoped that with his third album under Def Jam J. Holiday finally gets what he deserves!

J. Holiday on the set of Lust Vid

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Thanks to photographer Mickey for letting me use the pictures of the ‘Lust’ video shoot:

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Black Cobain and J. Holiday on the set of Lust video

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